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About the Round Table Discussion "All Things Unequal"

Although the American economy has sustained us as a worthy competitor in world markets, there are a number of unequal examples stateside.  Examples of economic disparities persist in America., from toxic water in Flint, MI to teacher panhandling for school supplies in Oklahoma.  The purpose of this roundtable is to honor the thoughts and opinions of teens and find out their perceptions of economic equality and inequality in America.

"All Things Unequal"
Round Table Discussion on 
Economic Disparities

Frisco, Texas – On Sunday, September 23rd, 4pm – 6pm, Whatsoever Is Good, Inc. will host a book signing for Thirteen by Tamia Thompson. Tickets include student access to the round table discussion, a free copy of Thirteen by Tamia Thompson and entry into a drawing for a $10 Visa Gift Card.

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Meet The Author

September 23, 2018

4pm  - 6pm

2770 Main Street

Frisco, Texas