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About the Round Table Discussion "Tell Me I'm Beautiful

Recent studies have shown social media to have a negative impact on the self image of teens. Depression and suicide rates have been rising among teen girls in the U.S. This important forum is set up to honor and give voice to the opinions and thoughts of teen girls and provide support in their developing healthy attitudes about what it means to be beautiful.

"Tell Me I'm Beautiful"
Round Table Discussion on Self Love and Beauty Standards in America

Frisco, Texas – On Sunday, June 4th, 4pm – 6pm, Whatsoever Is Good, Inc. will host the first book signing for Thirteen by Tamia Thompson. Tickets include student acess to the round table discussion, a free copy of Thirteen by Tamia Thompson and entry into a drawing for a $10 Visa Gift Card.

Autographed Copies can be ordered and shipped direct to you from the author. Click the button below to order. Copies are $10 each plus $5 shipping/handling. 

Meet The Author

May 13th, Little Rock, AR

June 4th, 4pm  - 6pm Frisco, Texas