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She grew up too fast,

Pulled every which way

Took the fall for me when I was in harm’s way

Big Sister, Shield Me


Broke my fall

Held my hand

Wiped my tears

It’ll be alright

Big Sister, Shield Me


Drew on a smile for my sake

Painted me a permanent blue sky with the hues of her heartbreak

And used her brokenness to heal me

Big Sister, Shield Me







The eipitome of selflessness



Crafted her tears into armour

Fashioned her soul into a sword

Welded her mind into a golden locket

And she was my shield

About the Book


It's important to stay true to your roots. I have enjoyed a full year of book signings and talks inspiring young writers.

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At the age of 10, Tamia prayed that God would give her a baby sister for Christmas.  Her sister, Aaliyah “Lili” was born December 20th that same year.  Her book, “Thirteen” is dedicated to Lili.

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Inspired by her own life and the world around her, Tamia began writing at age 9 and entered her first competition at age 13.  Her first book Thirteen released May,1,  2017.

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Big Sister


About Tamia


Thirteen delivers an authentic ensemble of experiences from the eyes of a 13 year old African American.  Tamia is best known for her essay "Freedom" , which won a local award from the Veterans of Foreign Wars and Editor's Choice recognition from TeenInk magazine. This book is a  perfect fit for anyone looking to understand the world through the lens of a teenage girl. Tamia is often quoted as saying, "I'm thinking, I'm thinking, I'm always thinking". Her work focuses on reflections from daily life, love, family, inner turmoil, and the lived experience of being black, female, and in America. 



1st Place,

Middle School Poetry 2016 Writing Contest

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